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What is Holo Browser?

To put it in super simple terms Holo Browser is a VR or 3D-based website browser, running on its own custom-built Holo Network.
You can use Holo Browser to visit any site created on the custom Holo network.
Holo Network Sites are built using 3D models and are rendered through the Holo Browser in full VR or 3D the same way a video game would be.

Built Using Unreal Engine

Holo Browser was painstakingly built from the ground up over 3 years using Unreal Engine. Unreal’s cutting-edge 3D & VR technology allows Holo Browser to render fully interactive sites comprised of Static Meshes, Skeletal Meshes, and even advanced scripting. 

Running On A Custom Network

Holo Browser runs on a completely custom-built network. It’s also using a completely custom DNS network. Our unique approach to networking allows us to offer Holo Sites that do not require users to have ongoing paid hosting. Your Holo Site is available all the time.

Good-bye .com and hello .ssz 🙂

Connect With People In A Unique Way

The flat web has served its purpose and has connected everyone around the globe together, but technology has changed over the years. Sadly our web browsers have not. Holo Browser changes the game by using 3D models to create interactive and scriptable sites in a VR or 3D world much like you find in many modern video games.

Early Testing Video

When Will This Be Available?

We are working tirelessly to finish the Holo Browser client and to bring the entire Holo Network online as soon as possible for everyone.

Currently, the Holo Network is available in a limited capacity to select partners through our Advanced Access Program. 

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